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1 7/8\" Coupler Repair Kit
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Model: 25094
Class: Class I
Drill: No
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1 7/8" Coupler Repair Kit
Model #: 25094
Item In-Stock: Yes
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Customer Reviews
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June 25, 2012
I only mention Tara because she is the only one I have dealt with in person (chat), but I am sure that the rest of you folks are equally outstanding. I ordered my first hitch/bike rack combo ever last week and the hitch was installed over the weekend. Mistakenly ordered the wrong sized rack, but Tara ordered and is delivering the correct one as we speak. I thought I would get the runaround because it was my fault, but she didn't even bat an eye. Thanks so much for your help!

October 1, 2009
Gret Job April!!
I ordered a new hitch for my Honda CR-V but forgot to order a hitch plate cover when I placed my order. I called the toll free number and got April. I told her I had forgot to add the Hitch plate cover and asked her to add it to my order. She said she would make sure that it was included in my order. I was blown away when she told me that there would not be any charge for it. Thanks for the GREAT Customer service. It is appreciated, especially in a world where few people really give this kind of service. John in St Louis

July 23, 2013
amazing company
What an amazing customer experience I had with your company. Often companies tout great customer service, that is until the company has to take a loss to fix an error. The Hitch Store is stands behind their promise with actions, not words. When my order was confused, the mistake created an extra cost on my end. When I called your company, there was no passing of the buck and no dismissing my issue. Hands down, your company is fantastic and you have gained a customer for life.

Product Description

1 7/8" Coupler Repair Kit

  • SAE Class I
  • Designed for formed couplers with the channel design
  • These kits are easily installed and offer new coupling features
  • Will not fit A-Frame Couplers

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