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3 to 2 Wire Power Converter Module (circuit protected)
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Model: 56146
Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Drill: No
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3 to 2 Wire Power Converter Module (circuit protected)
Model #: 56146
Item In-Stock: Yes
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Customer Reviews
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February 12, 2013
Great Customer Service
Had a question regarding the hitch I purchased - spoke to John who went above and beyond what I expected. Thank you for the help!

June 15, 2011
Highly recommended
I consider it sort of miraculous that a heavy odd-shaped after-market automotive part like a trailer hitch can be engineered and manufactured to fit into such a tight complex space and line up perfectly with the frame rails and existing holes. Something big and powerful had to bend and weld all those metal parts, but it fit like a part in a watch. I've never installed a hitch before and thought surely the kit should include a sledge hammer. Not needed. Seriously.

March 28, 2011
Great Job
Dear Tara, When I mailed the money order on Monday I thought I would get the product some time next week. That would have been fine. On Friday the door bell rang and my wife said the UPS guy had just delivered the hitch. Now thats great service !I would like to thank you and ask you to pass it on. If you ever need a reference person have them call me. Again GREAT JOB ! Bill S
Bill S

Product Description

3 to 2 Wire Power Converter Module (circuit protected)

  • Virtually eliminates draw on vehicles tail light circuit
  • Maximize trailer light brightness
  • May be used on 2 or 3 wire systems

Use Wiring Kit #55151 to complete installation

See Quick Reference Chart for amperage ratings

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