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Class IV Trailer Hitch Receiver (2 inch) 14090
Customer Reviews


Model: 14090
Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Class: Class IV
GTW: 10000
TW 1000
WDGTW: 12000
WDTW: 1200
Drill: No
Install Time: 10 Min
Rec. Tube Size: 2 "
Finish: Gloss Black
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Class IV Trailer Hitch Receiver (2 inch) 14090
Model #: 14090
Item In-Stock: Yes
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This product fits the following vehicles

  • 1996-2011 Chevrolet Express Van Full Size
  • 2012 Chevrolet Express Full-Size Van
  • 2014 Chevrolet Express Full Size Van
  • 1996-2012 GMC Savana Van Full Size

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Product Description
All Trailer Hitches are backed by a manufacturers limited lifetime warranty

About CURT Mfg.

This is a Class IV receiver hitch custom made for your vehicle from CURT Mfg., the leader in quality towing products. CURT Mfg offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all trailer hitches and ball mounts. CURT Mfg. is unlike any other manufacture of trailer hitches, they only us the highest quality materials and the latest technology available to construct all of their towing products. CURT is a cut above the rest with its WeatherTite construction to keep from corroding from the inside out and the EverGloss finish (6 layers of powder coat, more than any other manufacturer) to protect the outside. CURT Mfg. has 8 Distribution warehouses Nation wide including Canada. If you want the very best, this hitch is for you.

About Class IV Hitches

Class IV hitches have the next highest Weight Carrying Gross Trailer Weight capacity (WCGTW) rating and tongue weight (WCTW) of the hitch classes and are generally used for larger trailers and heavier equipment. Class IV hitches usually have a 2" square receiver opening and attach to your vehicle bumper, truck pan or frame. This Class IV hitch has a 2" square receiver opening. The use of a ball mount and hitch ball of the same rating or higher is required for weight carrying (WC). To use the weight distribution side of the hitch a weight distribution system is required. See Weight Distributions Systems for your vehicle. To ensure safe operation, make sure all your towing components meet or exceed the weight class required. Each vehicle, hitch, drawbar and ballmount have their own weight capacity ratings. Never tow more than the lowest capacity allowed for any of these components. Always consult your owner"s manual for vehicle rating and hitch, drawbar and hitchball manufacturers instructions for maximum ratings. Visit The Learning Center for helpful information about your towing needs. Check out our Complete Hitch Package which includes everything you will need to start towing.

The Hitch Store offers a complete line of Bike Racks and Cargo Carriers along with the other hitch accessories. Would you like to save your vehicles brakes while towing heavy loads? Consider installing a Brake Controller System.

More About this Hitch

INTRODUCING the one-piece collar for every occasion CURT Pro S Design! The CURT exclusive powder coat finish:

  • Reduces rust
  • Ensures strength
  • Exceeds V5 standards
  • Resists rust and corrosion

Finishing our products to a high-gloss black or color finish involves an advanced in-house powder coat process in which the powder coating is baked on to the prepared surface. We adhere to a high standard in materials and application. We apply the optimum thickness of powder-coat film to all our finished products to ensure resistance to corrosion and abrasion.

CURT Receiver Hitches Feature:

Customer Reviews
Real customer review from verified purchase - Non-compensated feedback.
March 19, 2013
2012 Impala
Customer service is top notch (many thanks to John & Jessica)... The ball receiver specified for this car (2012 Impala) #45521 hangs very low (11" top of ball)from ground, and cannot be reversed to use rise as the shaft is too short, it is impeded by the bumper. My trailer has 20" diameter wheels or 4.80-12. I exchanged for #45522 which measures top of ball 18" from ground. So if you have 20" diameter tires it would be best to get #45522 so the trailer is more level when attached to car, or slightly pitched away from the car so you are not dragging the chains or the hitch on the ground when loaded. THANKS. MAT

February 20, 2010
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It was just that simple! Great website, was able to navigate around to find all the pieces I needed to do a full install on my 2009 Toyota Highlander. Hitch, ball mount, 2" ball and cover, receiver pin, receiver cover, and T-Connector was all shipped free to my address. I ordered on Monday, receieved it that Friday. Everything arrived in one piece, nothing missing or damaged. The only down side was I paid GST on the invoice and the whole invoice was in USD. Other than that, 100% satisfied with dealing with The Hitch Store.
Daryl Park

January 29, 2009
Very Pleased. Sold!!!
i am very very pleased with the class 3 receiver hitch item #13041 i just purchased from you guys . the quality of the welds are very good along with the finish . the install time was 22 minnets from the time i took the tools out to the time i put them back in the tool box . this is the 6th trailer hitch i have installed and by far the best fitting one . the last 5 i installed were not Curt hitches . i'm sold !! thanks david

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