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T-Connector #56160
Customer Reviews


Model: 56160
Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Drill: No
Install Time: 45 Min
  • In Stock!
  • 2-3 Day Delivery
  • 100% Satisfaction and Vehicle Fit
  • No-Questions-Asked Returns

T-Connector #56160
Model #: 56160
Item In-Stock: Yes
Retail Price: $103.81
Savings: 40% off
Your Price: $62.29
Currently In-Stock

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Product Description

T-Connector #56160

  • Electrical System Type Designators (ESTD) 2W
  • Converter Type Designators (CTD) C3
  • Install Time 45 minutes
  • Location S3, S4

Wiring Harness Location Guide

Customer Reviews
Real customer review from verified purchase - Non-compensated feedback.
May 19, 2010
Thank you for your prompt reply, your info. was very helpful.

May 7, 2013
Just over 24 hrs- from placing my order online until I completed the hitch installation on my truck. Simply excellent service.
J. Shelley

April 23, 2013
Excellent Customer Service
I ordered my new hitch on Saturday, contacted customer support through their online chat on Monday morning because on Sunday my account sent the order shipped, but I didn't have a tracking number emailed me to me yet. The chat came up right away and I was told I would get the tracking number by Tuesday. Well, it came Monday night and to my surprise it said I would have it by Wednesday. I then noticed on the tracking website it had "Shipping To" going to my home city rather than my work city where I had the package shipped to. I realized I entered the wrong zip code in the Shipping Information. So I got back on the chat and Tara got on the phone and put in an redirect right way. Their service is fast and provides great results. Very courteous too! Great job! Great prices too! The same hitch was $100 more locally! I'll post again if the hitch actually fits correctly with no issues!!! So far my experience with "The Hitch Store" has been fantastic!

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