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T-Connector #56160
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Model: 56160
Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Drill: No
Install Time: 45 Min
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T-Connector #56160
Model #: 56160
Item In-Stock: Yes
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Customer Reviews
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May 2, 2013
WOW, That was fast.
Incredibly fast! I got my order the next day and shipping was free.

January 22, 2010
I received my Curt weight distributing hitch very quickly with FREE shipping. It looked great, and the craftsmanship was outstanding! It was extremely easy to install, and lined up perfectly with the existing holes in the frame of my Explorer. I couldn't be more satisfied with the service I received from April at The Hitch Store, along with the quality of the Curt hitch. Thank You Very Much!

May 12, 2015
Ford Flex Curt Hitch 13110
Am leasing a Ford Flex and didn't want to pay the extra for a hitch that I only need for my bike rack. I ordered the hitch from here as their price was the best and they also provided a lot of support. The hitch was shipped and delivered the next day and it was the the standard free shipping. Watched the video on how to install the hitch and it is as easy as it he video shows. Every step is detailed and is very easy if you follow the steps and suggestions. All that I can add is that you will need a 18mm and a 19mm socket to remove the 4 bolts and install the new ones. Those supplied have a different size head. I was able to install it myself by using a floor jack. Jacked the Flex up at the rear and used 2 jacks stands to rest the vehicle on high enough for clearance to install the support strap and be able to remove the exhaust hangover at the Y. Used WD40 as the lube and the pins slid out very easy. After removing the 4 hanger bolts I laid on the ground and twisted the hitch into position as suggested. It has a tendency to roll. I was able to let the hitch rest on the mufflers while I placed the floor jack under the receiver. I then installed a C clamp to clamp the safety chain plate to the plate on the floor jack to keep the hitch from rolling. I then raised the hitch into place with the jack. When it was very close to the right position I got in place to install the bolts. I had to raise the hitch a little and did that by using my leg to push the jack handle up or down as needed. With a little jiggling I got the bolts in on one side and then went to the other. After tightening the bolts I slid the rubber mounts over the hanger pins. Could do that very easy by hand. The whole job took me a little more than a hour. It wasn't hard and if you had someone to lend a hand to hold up one end of the hitch it would be a little easier but can be done by yourself if you are determined enough. Just as a little added info I am 69 so don't be afraid to try installing it.
Ed Gissel

Product Description

T-Connector #56160

  • Electrical System Type Designators (ESTD) 2W
  • Converter Type Designators (CTD) C3
  • Install Time 45 minutes
  • Location S3, S4

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