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Retail Price: $418.23
SAVINGS: $161.38
Sale Price: $256.85
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  • 07-12 Hyundai Veracruz Class III Elite Series Trailer Hitch 2 in
  • 2" Chrome Hitch Ball 6000 lb GTW
  • Class 3 Ball Mount 8 1/4" Length, 2" Drop
  • 5/8" Receiver Pin & Clip
  • 2" Rubber Hitch Box Cover
  • Wiring included & prechecked when available
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Package Sale Price: $256.85 SAVINGS: $161.38
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Your Trailer Hitch
Your trailer hitch is the item that will attach directly to your car which will allow you to tow something behind you.

07-12 Hyundai Veracruz Class III Elite Series Trailer Hitch 2 in Price: $222.88Savings: $148.58


Hitch Balls
A hitch ball comes in various sizes from 1 7/8" up to 2 5/16". Match the hitch ball you purchase to the size ball you need for your trailer or boat.
2" Chrome Hitch Ball 6000 lb GTWPrice: $8.95Savings: $3.54
1 7/8" Chrome Hitch Ball 3500 lb GTW (+$7.76)Price: $7.76Savings: $3.50
2 5/16" Chrome Hitch Ball 7500 lb GTW (+$11.09)Price: $11.09Savings: $5.22


Ball Mounts
The ball mount is used to attach the hitch ball you chose for your boat or trailer and is then attached to your hitch. It is important that you ball mounts drop matches the height of your trailer versus your car.
Class 3 Ball Mount 8 1/4" Length, 2" DropPrice: $18.29Savings: $6.42
Class 3 Ball Mount 8 1/4" Length, 4" Drop (+$17.12)Price: $17.12Savings: $8.06
Class 3 Ball Mount 9 1/4" Length, 6" Drop (+$27.57)Price: $27.57Savings: $12.97
Class 3 Ball Mount 11 1/2" Length, 8" Drop (+$29.00)Price: $29.00Savings: $19.97
Class 3 Ball Mount 13" Length, 10" Drop (+$40.74)Price: $40.74Savings: $19.17


Pins & Clips and Locks
A pin and clip is always required to keep your ball mount securely attached to your hitch. Some people like to go a step further and use a lock. A lock prevents someone from taking the pin and clip out and stealing your trailer or boat. A lock is optional, but recommended.
5/8" Receiver Pin & ClipPrice: $2.74Savings: $1.21
Coupler Lock (+$8.11)Price: $8.11Savings: $5.40
5/8" Hitch Lock (Fits Class 3,4, & 5) (+$12.10)Price: $12.10Savings: $8.07
Trailer Lock (fits ALL couplers) (+$51.19)Price: $51.19Savings: $34.12
Wheel Chock Lock (+$79.47)Price: $79.47Savings: $52.98
Security Cable - Multi Use (+$25.68)Price: $25.68Savings: $17.12


Hitch Tube & Ball Covers
Covers help protect your hitch balls or tubes from unwanted dirt or debris and protects them from weathering and wear.
2" Rubber Hitch Box CoverPrice: $3.98Savings: $1.64
2" x 2" Plastic Receiver Tube Cover - Chrome (+$4.74)Price: $4.74Savings: $1.75
2" x 2" Chrome Steel Receiver Tube Cover - Rounded (+$13.63)Price: $13.63Savings: $7.34
2" x 2" Steel Receiver Tube Cover (+$10.53)Price: $10.53Savings: $3.89
Trailer Ball Cover - Black (+$1.40)Price: $1.40Savings: $0.94


Other Popular Items

Cargo Accessories
Need some ratchet straps to hold down your cargo? Get them now and be ready to tow!
1" Wide Ratchet Straps w/J-hooks (+$31.00)Price: $31.00Savings: $10.49
2 Inch Cargo Ratchet & Strap w/ J-hook (+$45.04)Price: $45.04Savings: $15.19
2 Inch Cargo Ratchet & Strap w/ flat hooks (+$49.79)Price: $49.79Savings: $16.79


Cargo Carriers
We offer top quality cargo carriers to fit your needs and budget. Folding shank and fixed shank with durable powder coat finishes.
Cargo Carrier w/ Fixed 2 Inch Shank (+$101.20)Price: $101.20Savings: $73.29
Cargo Carrier w/ Folding 2 Inch Shank (+$105.03)Price: $105.03Savings: $76.06
Basket Style 2 Piece Cargo Carrier w/ Fixed 2" Shank (+$144.09)Price: $144.09Savings: $104.34
Basket Style Cargo Carrier w/ Folding 2" Shank (+$163.78)Price: $163.78Savings: $118.60


Bike Racks & Adaptors
Need a bike rack? Check out our most popular bike racks and accessories.
4 Bike Carrier Bike Rack (+$121.70)Price: $121.70Savings: $95.63
Hitch Mounted Bike Rack(2 Bikes) (+$124.86)Price: $124.86Savings: $119.96
Hitch Mounted Bike Rack(4 Bikes) (+$174.55)Price: $174.55Savings: $116.36
Adjustable Bike Beam (+$39.57)Price: $39.57Savings: $21.31


Wiring Adapters
The most popular wiring adaptors we offer. Great accessories to get the perfect fit.
CURT Easy Mount Electrical Bracket 58001 2 inch (Class 3,4 & 5) (+$9.99)Price: $9.99Savings: $6.66


Tow Accessories
Fits mirrors from 4 IN to 11 IN. Fully adjustable, can be used in horizontal or vertical positions. Fits left or right side truck and SUV mirrors
CURT Extended View Tow Mirror (Single) (+$16.88)Price: $16.88Savings: $11.26


Trailer Hitches